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Palmer - Double Homework Episode 1-5
Palmer's new game, Double Homework. The main character lives together with two girls, but is also dealing with things that have happened in his past.​
The hero is capable of doing everything and going everywhere. A genuine RPG to explore around the world with a dark magician girl Kokori! You are the hero in the story, obligated to beat the demon lord! 2019/06/30 v4.2.3 Fixed that the tomato fish
GDS - Chloe18 - Back To Class Version 37
Finally Chloe is getting back to her Student life, and for that I set a huge Poll for all my patrons so they could decide on this new Story-line. What was Chosen?​ v0.37 On the update: -Achievements Can now be seen in the game menu (you still can
bySkullgearOni - Dandy Boy Adventures Version
Dandy Boy Adventures is a high-quality adult adventure game with sim dating & RPG elements! The game is running on it's own powerful 3D engine with beautiful 2D axonometric graphics rendered into it. This makes the gameplay extremely smooth and
Tale of Eros Ch. 3.1 by Alorth
Overview: Eros got banished from the immortal realm and lost all his powers. Located in a new body he needs to find a way to gain his powers back and get revenge on those who banished him. He will find it hard to get used to his new life, being
Lyra Centaurus - Balls Of Steel Version 0.5
I'd like to introduce my first free game, it's a story set in the universe of Duke Nukem. It's more like a little game than a true visual novel. Here, you'll be able to play as Duke himself and will interract with a phone to call his babes, and play
Fight For Fuck v2.1.1 by BooB Ball
Overview: Love, lust, Pride. Everyone has a reason to fight. There are no wrong motivations, just the path we choose to take. The tournament is going to begin and the best hot female fighters from around the world are waiting for you! Only one
NinNinDays v1.0.0 by Qureate
Overview: "Known only as ""Ninja"", these mysterious mercenaries have worked in the shadows of history from ages past.Dealing in espionage, secrect plots and assassination, the ninja brought prosperity to Daimyo and Fuedal lords from the shadows.
Witch College Demo by Kavorka
Overview: Witch College is a charming and magical story about a young man who must ask a girl to a Halloween Dance. When a new girl comes to the school, weird things start happening and he suspects she may be an ancient legendary witch who is trying
Lovely Heroines Demo by Kavorka
Overview: New Dork City is in danger! A dangerous alien overlord arrived and is threatening to enslave all humanity! Only a very powerful hero will be able to save us! Are you ready? However, the only way to increase your power is to search other
Ktulhu Solutions - Perky Little Things Version 0.6b Win/Mac
Sexy and hilarious hidden object game for adults. Unique art, sleazy humour. Explore various scenarios and put the collected items in the right places for your satisfaction.
Perky Little Things - Version 0.6b by Ktulhu Solutions
Sexy and hilarious hidden object game for adults. Unique art, sleazy humour. Explore various scenarios and put the collected items in the right places for your satisfaction.
Slut Trainer v6.02 by TinWoodman
Overview: Dorothy magically turns out to be in the land of OZ where strange things are happening. Dorothy wants to go back home, but for this, she will have to go all the way, from an ordinary girl to an True Slut. Added money system Added energy
Mike Velesk - Life of Holly Version 0.2
Holly is a common next-door girl who moved to the city and is trying to find her place in it, mostly with the help of her sexuality.​ v0.2 - Added to new location. Hospital in Hot Spring district with doctor Greg and the ability to work as a nurse.
Living with Roommates Version 0.99 by tomcat0815
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ "The protagonist is Tom, a boy who does live in a flat-sharing community with three women. Tom wakes up on New Year's Day in the morning with a wild dream and has to realize that the whole thing wasn't a dream after
Kingdom Lost Version 0.2.1 by Psycho-Seal
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ A pixel art, story driven eroge with a unique combat system and RPG like elements. Developer Notes: I'll add a in game page for keys but until then, just remember that you can resize window with ALT+F12 and
Kincaid Version 2019-07 by Cookiedraggy
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Kincaid is a lewd metroidvania-style platformer with a sci-fi theme. Our protagonist is an archeologist, exploring uncharted planets and their wild life! Join our playful and naughty wolf girl Kincaid, as she
Fred & Fury' Slapstick Show Day 1 by Fred & Fury
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Slapstick Show is a visual novel based on the "Big Brother reality" concept, where Patrons will vote for who stays and who leaves. Our protagonist: S1mone Matias, an hollywood star at the peak of her career, enter
Hard Love - Version 0.05b Win/Mac by DeepBride
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ A boy with strange kinks is transported to another world, where his fantasies come true. Everything is fine and dandy until he begins to explore further this new world he is in, he discovers the bad that comes with
Mayumi's Cuckolding Report 2 Completed by Atelier Sakura
Censored: Yes/Mosaics Version: Final OS: Windows Language: English Voices: Japanese Overview: Warning: Google translated Mayumi Takasaka, a sensitive wife who got drunk on intense sex with men other than her husband in the previous film. He left his
Hire Me, Fuck Me, Give Me a Raise! v0.6.51 by White Honey Games
Overview: The gameplay is a click adventure combined with an employee management system. You can hire multiple girls to work for you, talk to them, feed them, change their outfit, give raises to them, have sex with them, and much more. You own your
Double Homework Ep.1-2 by Palmer
Overview: Palmer's new game, Double Homework
Cuntswell Academy Ch 6 SE by Virtual Indecency
Overview: CA continues the further adventures of the main character from Sister, Sister, Sister, named and controlled by you, as he attends college and interacts with his professors as well as him fellow classmates and their friends and family. This
Panophobia Eng Completed by Black Stain
Overview: A mysterious girl awakes, alone in a realm with bizarre and grotesque creatures. Without knowing who she is or how she got there, she must fight against the madness and despair that plagues this world as she attempts to escape.
Dark Fable Completed by DarkTalesTown
Overview: The bright sorceresses found the house of “Little Evil and remade it to their liking, turning it into a magical garden. The Little Evil saved the house steward, and for 33 years the Evil grew stronger, dreaming of revenge. Now, having
Pleasure Airlines Final by Kavorka
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Developer / Publisher: Kavorka Censorship: No Language: Eng Version: Final OS: Win Description: Attention passengers, welcome to Pleasure Airlines! Please enjoy our beautiful plane filled with sexy people. Who will
My Sister Final by Doll House
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Developer / Publisher: Doll House Censorship: No Language: Eng Voices: Japanese Version: Final OS: Win Description: Little sister flaunts her cherry ass and ubersoft melon breasts in a gym uniform for big brother. He
Casino Paradise Completed by Tinkle Bell
Visit https://fapadultgames.com/ Developer / Publisher: Tinkle Bell Censorship: No Language: Eng Version: Completed OS: Win Description: An assortment of casino games by Tinkle Bell
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